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finding you as a teacher and being part of your classes has been a wonderful focus by which to explore this new part of my life; it keeps giving. I keep learning. thank you for such wonderful teaching.
Elisa Brady - 15 Feb 2014
Carol, what a refreshing transcendental delight to be in your oil painting class. My first time taking a painting class, I feel I found a treasure in the space you create and hold for all of us. Your artistic wisdom is priceless. I feel very lucky, inspired and thankful. Your paintings are a beautiful-light source of inspiration! Thank you, Susan Gabrielle
Susan Gabrielle - 8 Jun 2013
All the best wishes for 2012, and good luck! Bye Werner Reiter Artist from Salzburg !!!
Werner Reiter - 27 Dec 2011
Love your paintings. Keep up the good work! Cin Piette De Hoer (A'dam)
Cin Piette De Hoer - 14 Sep 2011
As I've told you many times over the last 18 years of your classes, you are THE Greatest! You create "space" for anyone to be at their creative best. I love our little art family!
Anne Goodall- Wheeer - 11 Sep 2011
I started drawing and painting classes with Carol about 4 years ago after a long absence from painting. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had in any capacity! She is a fabulous artist too! She encourages each of us to develop our own style and to bring out our own talents with helpful criticism. Her classes have been a fantastic addition to my life.
Denise Nemzek - 20 Jun 2011
Carol these are so beautiful, beyond an art teacher carol has taught me how to see,and is a constant encouragement to keep on keeping on,when the road gets tough..
marilyn gibbons - 19 Jun 2011
Ingram's art work and teaching skills are superb. She's a first-class artist through and through!
Austin Brayfield - 19 Jun 2011
You can see why I have learned so much from Carol. Her paintings are exquisite.
Ann Atnip - 18 Jun 2011
Oh, my gosh! Your paintings look so georgeous! Thank you for everything you've taught me the last few years. You continue to give us fabulous exercises to help us grow as artists, and are the BEST instructor I could have ever had. AND you are so patient!
Lynn Wallis - 18 Jun 2011
oh, gasp, your paintings look fantabulous, even on line. I did receive my BFA, but you are the best ART teacher I have ever found. the art group is a community without which I would have already sailed away. It makes me stay, and it makes me paint!
darte - 11 Jun 2011
I started learning how to paint from Carol last year and since then my compositions and color selections have greatly improved. She is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her classes.
Linda Loenneker - 23 May 2011
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